September 5, 2007

Want to Win My Online Class?

Alison Kent is sponsoring a contest today to win a free pass to my Oct online class: The Core Decision: Finding the Key to Character Transformation Using Your Own Life. For more info about the class, go here. To enter for a free tuition, go here.

And wow, check out what PBW has to say! :

Kidnapped! is Jo Leigh’s latest release, and I loved it for a number of reasons. It’s so audacious, emotionally-charged and unpredictable that it leaves you breathless. You never know what’s going to happen next in this novel. Technically speaking, the plotting in this one is insane; it demanded precise balancing in order for it to work, and she pulled it off without a single hitch. By the end I wasn’t quite sure how she’d done it. I got so caught up in the story that I stopped paying attention to the mechanics.

She’s giving away a copy of Kidnapped!, so don’t forget to visit.

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