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I’m back!

July 26, 2011 | Excerpts,New Releases

With a new book and an old book and a 10th Anniversary Celebration.

HOTSHOT is part of the Uniformly Hot series, and it’s a reunion love story that was one of the most intense and fabulous writing experiences of my life.

It was originally called BIG DAMN HERO, and while I like the title HOTSHOT, it will always be BDH in my head, because that’s who Luke is. He first became a hero in war, and then became a hero in life, when he grew up, took responsibility for his actions and moved heaven and earth to make things right.

Here’s the first chapter

Come back soon, as I’ll be announcing special give-aways, and Blaze 10th Anniversary celebrations all over the net!

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Soon…I promise!

December 2, 2009 | Blogging,home life,New Releases

Unpacking boxes in the new house. But soon, I will be updating this web site (well, not me personally because I have no idea how to do things on the intertubes, but anyway) and then I’ll start blogging again! I’ve decided to do a twice weekly post. How’s that sound? And yes, there’s an actual book by me coming out later this month. It’s called Sexy Ms. Takes and it’s a 3-in-one Encounters. First book since Oct. 08. That’s a very long time.

* Special bonus quiz: Soon…I promise is a line from what Stephen Sondheim musical?
First correct answer wins a copy of SEXY MS. TAKES!

Sexy Ms. Takes!

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First Review of Ms. Match

August 28, 2008 | New Releases

Order it Now!

Ms. Match Review from RT (It’s a Top Pick!)

Sparkling, clever writing combines with a perfectly imperfect hero and heroine to make Ms. Match (4.5), by Jo Leigh, a breathtakingly wonderful story. Beverly Hills PR exec Paul Bennet meets headhunter Gwen Christopher when her glorious sister Autumn asks him to find a date for Gwen for their parents’ anniversary. Gwen is funny and smart, but the ugly duckling in a group of beautiful swans as far as her family is concerned. Paul ends up taking her when the escort falls through, hoping the favor will get him into Autumn’s bed. He enjoys himself with Gwen, but she doesn’t think she belongs with the stunning Paul and makes assumptions about him based on her rather stupid family. Their journey to love is funny, warm, smart and amazingly believable. A total keeper.

—Page Traynor

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New Book – Coming in October

July 16, 2008 | New Releases

Ms. Match

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May 9, 2008 | New Releases

Hubby picked the winners, and here they are:


Please send me your snail mail addresses and I’ll send you each a copy of COMING SOON. Thanks for playing!

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April 29, 2008 | Excerpts,Linkage,New Releases


Isn’t he just ridiculously hot? Wow. Anyway…

Fun stuff!

Click HERE to come see the pet special guest stars, now appearing in Have Mercy.

Click HERE to read an excerpt from (you guessed it) Have Mercy.

Click HERE to buy the book!

Click HERE to get a sneak peek at the Reader Letter.

And now that you’ve read (and clicked) all the way HERE, enter a comment to win a copy of COMING SOON! Yep, 5 will be given, chosen at random by my handsome husband. Check back on Friday, May 9th to see if you’ve won!

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Coming Soon Is Coming Now!

February 21, 2008 | New Releases

I’m not sure about the stores but you can now get your copy of COMING SOON, the latest book to take place at Hush Hotel from Amazon and Barnes & Noble. As a reminder:


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The Cover!

December 20, 2007 | New Releases

So, what do you guys think?
The book should hit the shelves late February.

coming soon

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November 24, 2007 | New Releases

Silk Petals

I didn’t know until yesterday that Harlequin has released my short story SILK PETALS as a Harlequin Mini. It can be yours for .99! It’s an ebook, so delivery is quick. I’m thinking about downloading it myself, as I barely remember the story, although I do remember I enjoyed writing it. :) Oh, and I also remember it was the very first Blaze serial!

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August 21, 2007 | New Releases

It’s almost here! KIDNAPPED! my new Forbidden Fantasies Blaze should be on the shelves in the next day or two. I know some folks already got it from Harlequin, which is very cool.

Here’s a review from Romantic Times: 4.5 Stars

Two previous kidnapping attempts have left heiress Tate Baxter agoraphobic, kidnap-phobic and always afraid. Her father has her in a bubble of protection — in the form of her bodyguard, former military man Michael Caulfield — that cuts her off from life. When her therapist suggests using a professional pretend-kidnapping service to conquer her fears, Tate agrees, although Michael is against it. But when she’s really kidnapped, both Tate and Michael have to face their inner demons to save themselves.

Kidnapped! (4.5), by Jo Leigh, is an innovative, riveting adventure as Tate develops from a terrified young woman to an adult determined to fight for what she wants. The adventure is constant and nonstop.

—Page Traynor


And here’s an excerpt from…

by Jo Leigh

It was Tuesday at one-fifteen in the afternoon, and with the precision of a Swiss watch Tate Baxter’s therapist leaned back in her chair, closed her notebook, smiled, then said, “Is there anything else you’d like to tell me?”

Tate’s response was just as mechanical. “No, Dr. Bay. Nothing to report.”

“Well, I have something I’d like to show you.” Tate lifted her head. One-fifteen was the end of the session. Dr. Bay never went over. Never. “Oh?”

The doctor flipped her notebook over and pulled out a newspaper article. “Take a look at this,” she said.

Tate took the paper, torn between reading the article and watching Dr. Bay. The therapist, whom Tate had been seeing for almost two years, was clearly excited. That hardly ever happened. In fact, it never had. Not like this. Dr. Bay was a behaviorist, always setting up new challenges and goals for Tate to accomplish between sessions. The outcome never elicited anything but a favorable reaction, no matter the performance. Even when Tate had surpassed her own expectations, the doctor had always been reserved. But now Dr. Bay’s eyes were wide with anticipation and her pale cheeks looked flushed.

Tate glanced down and the headline sent her own pulse racing. Kidnapping For Hire. She looked back at Dr. Bay.

“It’s all right, Tate. Please, read it.”

After a moment of hesitation, Tate started reading.

It begins with a list of your wildest fears. For a few thousand dollars Jerry Brody’s personalized kidnapping service will make them come true. Your kidnappers might stuff you into a duffel bag or blindfold you and take you to a faraway cabin. In the dark you might see an alien’s mask or a man in a filthy suit stinking like a garbage Dumpster. No two abductions are staged the same way. Your custom kidnapping could stop at a code word or go on for days. Brody and his team might snatch you when you’re on the subway or showering in your apartment. After the “event,” which some clients compare to meditation, you may feel relief, exhilaration or a newfound sense of personal power.

Tate had to stop. She’d come a long way since she’d first told Dr. Bay about her kidnap phobia and she hadn’t had a full-blown panic attack in months. But this? This was—

“Breathe, Tate,” Dr. Bay said. “Remember what we’ve practiced.”

Closing her eyes, she went to her safe space. After several deep breaths, she focused on each part of her “You’re safe. You’re in my office and no one’s going to hurt you. Picture the glade.”

Tate followed Dr. Bay’s instructions. By the time she’d finished the awareness exercise she had regained her equilibrium. Her eyes opened to the security of the familiar—and the disappointment that she was still, after so much work, at the mercy of her fears.

“Do you want to talk about this now?” Dr. Bay asked, gesturing at the paper still in Tate’s hand.

“You want me to hire this man? To let him take me?”

“I want you to think about it. I’ve been researching this approach for a long time now and I’ve spoken to a number of colleagues who have used similar techniques. There are reliable case studies where the subjects have been transformed. But remember, it’s simply an idea. You’re doing very well following the course we’re on, and I realize this is unconventional.”

Tate winced at the understatement. She could barely imagine what her father would say about this “unconventional” approach.

“When you go home tonight, I’d like you to do some work in your journal. Not about your reaction to the article but about what your life might be like if you could overcome this fear. Okay?”

Tate nodded. “I’ll try.” “That’s all anyone can ask. For what it’s worth, you did a great job of calming down. It didn’t take long at all.”

Tate glanced at her watch. It was a quarter to two. Not bad, considering. It hadn’t been that long ago that even the suggestion of something like this would have put her in a panic for days.

She put the article on the side table and grabbed her purse. “I’ll see you next week.”

“Don’t forget to meditate.”

She never did. And it had helped. She went out more frequently these days, and the nightmares weren’t plaguing her nearly as often. Three cheers for the safe place. If only it could exist somewhere outside of her head.

As she was leaving, she nodded at Stephanie, Dr. Bay’s receptionist. There were two people in the waiting room, both of whom appeared perfectly normal. She imagined they thought the same thing about her.

There was no one in the elevator as she stepped in, and she took a moment to push her hair back behind her shoulders, to daub the corners of her mouth, preparing herself for the streets of Manhattan.

Not that she would be on the streets—unless one counted being driven in one of her father’s black limousines. The tinted windows hid her from view, making her feel as if the city was one giant store display.

The elevator slowed at the fourth floor. She inched back as a man entered. He was tall and silver-haired, wearing a tailored black pin-striped suit. His shoes looked equally expensive, and when he smiled she could see his veneered teeth had cost him a pretty penny. Not surprising, given the address. Dr. Bay’s office overlooked Park Avenue. Her clients all understood, even before the first session, that if they had to ask about the fee, they couldn’t afford it.

The man turned to stare at the elevator doors as they rode the rest of the way to the lobby. Only, the doors were reflective and he clearly had no qualms about giving her a very thorough once-over.

She counted the seconds until they reached the lobby, and when the doors slid slowly open she placed her hand strategically so the elevator couldn’t be fetched, waiting until the man was halfway across the lobby before she stepped out.

What would her life be like if she stopped being afraid? She had no idea. It was too foreign a concept.

Despite her improvement, her life was about fear, and it had been forever. At twenty-four, she’d resigned herself to living inside the bubble her father had created for her, going from limo to apartment to business appointments that had all been prescreened and determined safe.

She knew beyond any doubt that anyone looking at her life would believe it was perfect. Why wouldn’t they? She had more money than anyone truly should, she’d been given her father’s fast metabolism and her mother’s striking blue eyes. Her education was exemplary, and if she decided she didn’t want to do anything but shop for the rest of her life, she had the means to do just that.

She knew that her agoraphobic tendencies appeared to many as conceit and arrogance. The fact that she was so terrified of being kidnapped that her world had shrunk to a stultifying routine meant nothing. There were real problems out there; she just had an active imagination and a constant state of terror that kept her from enjoying the gifts she’d been given.

She walked outside the building to the busy street, her gaze fixed on the limo parked just a few feet away. Michael, her driver, opened the back door for her. To those hurrying past he seemed like any other limo driver. Black suit, white shirt, humble demeanor. But behind his dark glasses he was scanning the area with laser intensity and the reason his jacket wasn’t buttoned was so that he could, if necessary, get to his weapon in a heartbeat. He drove her, but that was his secondary job.

She passed him closely as she got into the back of the car and marveled again at his face. He wasn’t classically handsome. Too many sharp edges and flaws. But his looks had grown on her since he’d come on board six months ago. She hadn’t really thought about him that way in the beginning. There were lots of people in her life whose job it was to keep her safe. Some of them were also dear friends—like Elizabeth, her assistant—but most weren’t. Her father didn’t like her getting too comfortable with the staff, and she’d fallen into the terrible habit of seeing them as employees, not people.

Michael had turned into something else altogether. Not a friend, not really. They never did anything except drive. But they talked. About everything.

She’d learned he liked reading the Russians—Tolstoy, Dostoyevsky, Turgenev. But he also liked the graphic novels of Frank Miller. She liked to tease him about his comic books, but she’d secretly ordered a few Miller novels online, and they were…well, interesting.

He shut the door, then walked around to the driver’s side and settled himself inside. She could see his sunglasses in the rearview mirror and wished, as always, that he would take them off. “Where to?”


“No stops?”

“Not today.”

He smiled at her, and she settled herself back on the cool leather seat.

She’d also learned that he didn’t have a girlfriend. Which was a lot more interesting than his taste in books.

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